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Check the Freewheelers ‘Booking Calendar’ to see when the bikes are currently booked out or alternatively email and one of the admins will reply within 24Hrs.

Our e-bikes should be booked in advance preferably with a minimum 7 days’ notice and will be collected from and returned to the ‘Glenfarg Freewheelers Bike Hub’ at The Old Schoolhouse next to Glenfarg Village Hall.

We expect the bikes to be loaned out for between 3 days to 10 days to give people sufficient time to really experience the fun of e-biking.

No, unfortunately not. It is a stipulation of our funding that bikes must be retained and used in and around the local Kinross-shire area.

If you can cycle you can ride an e-bike. The additional controls for the pedal-assist motor will be explained when you collect the bike along with how to charge it.

It is vitally important for your own personal safety that you remain as visible as possible when cycling on roads, tracks, paths, etc. where vehicles, walkers and other cyclists may be present. You will be offered a cycle helmet and Hi-Viz vest when you collect the e-bike however we cannot enforce your use of these.

The e-bike battery will be fully charged when it is collected, however it is the user’s responsibility to monitor the battery usage and recharge as necessary. E-bikes can still be ridden without the motor switched on, so you won’t be completely stuck, however due to the additional weight of the motor and battery they are significantly heavier than an equivalent non-e-bike.

Our bikes come with either an inbuilt cycle lock or will be loaned out with a suitable ‘D’ style lock. Whilst on loan the security of the bike is the sole responsibility of the loanee which may not necessarily be the end user, and it is the loanee’s responsibility to ensure the bike is properly secured and not left unattended at any time.

Glenfarg Freewheelers do not provide or have access to a bike uplift service and it is the loanees (not riders) responsibility for collecting and returning the e-bike safely and undamaged to the bike station at Glenfarg Village Hall.