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Glenfarg School Bus

Home to School Bus Service

Glenfarg Community Transport Group operate the Home to School bus service on school days. This bus carries children from the surrounding area to Arngask Primary School in the morning and takes them home in the afternoon.

In addition, at the request of Gateside Community Association, children from Strathmiglo and Gateside who attend High School in Kinross, make use of our buses (as they are not entitled to Home to School transport).

School Bus Eligibility 

School pupils may be eligible for free school transport if they are attending their catchment school and: 

  1. live more than two miles away from their catchment Primary School 
  2. live more than three miles away from their catchment Secondary School 
  3. would have to walk a route which is considered by Perth & Kinross Council to be unsafe for children to walk, even when accompanied by an adult 

To apply please go to the PKC website and search for School Bus Application Form 

Arngask School


In 2023/24 Glenfarg Community Transport Group has partnered with PAS to develop an Accessible and Sustainable Transport Plan.

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