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The 55 Bus from Kinross to Perth via Glenfarg

Glenfarg 55 Service - Driver

All ages using the Glenfarg 55 Service

Kinross Sunday Farmers Market trips

Glanfarg Community Transport Volunteers around the table during a planning meeting

The 55 Bus

From Kinross to Perth via Glenfarg

In April 2023, Glenfarg Community Transport Group took over the The 55 Bus service between Glenfarg and Kinross. The daytime 56 service operating between Kinross and Perth through Glenfarg had been withdrawn in 2020 and was replaced by the 55 service between Glenfarg and Kinross operated by Earnside Coaches. Due to retirement, the Earnside service ceased in March 2023.

The community in Glenfarg decided to take on running the bus service with ambitions to provide an expanded bus service for the village. Set up as a charity (SC052068), the group entered a Public Social Partnership (PSP) with Perth & Kinross Council and started an hourly timetable of services throughout the day, six days a week. Starting at 0710 in the morning.

In January 2024, it was decided to extend the service north to Perth. From 0845, the bus now operates from Kinross through to Perth via Glenfarg every hour until 1545. Return services from Perth depart at 0940 every hour from Perth Bus Station and every hour from Mill Street and Scott Street at 0945.

The service operates a flexi-route, “wiggling” off the main route to serve smaller communities -like Duncrievie – and local businesses such as the Village Inn and Caulder’s Garden Centre. Fares are kept low and Young People’s and Over 60s Concession Cards are welcomed.
The service has been well received and passenger numbers have increased. The initial target of 250 passengers per week was achieved early on and now the wee bus carries around 600 passengers per week. Behind each of these numbers, however, is a story.

“This bus has transformed my life”.

“I couldn’t get to work without the bus”

“I just use the bus for the banter”

“I like coming back from school a bit later than the school bus because I can see my pals”.

Glenfarg Community Transport Group looks forward to delivering this life-line service for many years to come.

Click for the 55 Public Timetable

55 Bus FAQ’s

A This is not strictly necessary; you can request the driver to take you there. However, if you are also coming back from that request stop, booking is advisable.

A At least one hour, preferably two. If travelling on the first trip of the day you need to book the day before and if travelling on a Saturday, please book on Friday as the Contact Centre is closed at weekends.

A Duncrievie, Drunzie, The Bein Inn, The Village Inn, Caulders Garden Centre, The “bottom end” of Kinross.

A Yes, we take most credit cards and Scottish Under 22 and Over 60 concession cards.

The cheapest way to travel is to buy a 10-trip ticket from only £10. No limit on how long it has to be used by and riders can share the ticket. This means that you can travel between Glenfarg and Perth or Kinross for £1 per journey, and between Kinross and Perth for just £2 per journey.

A Our drivers are a very special breed! We say that our service is not about buses, it is about people. Every passenger we carry has a story to tell about why they use the bus, and our drivers are very sensitive to the needs of our travelling public – they go the extra mile (often literally) to make sure that our wee bus service delivers much more than public transport. Of course, they need to be able to drive well, take fares, run to a schedule. But our drivers are invested in the service and share the responsibility of running it. As our name suggests, we are based in Glenfarg.
If this describes you, please get in touch at – we keep a list of potential driving ambassadors! We have big plans for the future and maybe you could be part of it…

A We have one wheelchair-accessible bus which effectively means that every second bus is accessible to wheelchairs. This bus operates at fixed times and this is identified on the timetable with . If you are a wheelchair user, we recommend booking your journey. We hope to acquire more accessible buses in the future.

In 2023/24 Glenfarg Community Transport Group has partnered with PAS to develop an Accessible and Sustainable Transport Plan.

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