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Glenfarg Freewheelers
Cycling to work

Glenfarg Freewheelers

Glenfarg Freewheelers is a group of community members who are keen to promote and support the use of e-bikes in the community. Following a very successful trial of an e-bike loan scheme we are in the process of applying for funding to purchase a range of e-bikes to suit a variety of users and uses. We are linking closely with Glenfarg Community Transport Group and Greener Glenfarg.

Our aim is to:

  • Provide access to e-bikes, safety equipment and accessories for all members of the communit
  • Encourage active travel, reduce car use and improve health and well-being
  • Encourage and support young families to cycle together and to access local towns and countryside
  • support members to access employment and places of work
  • support linking with local and National bus services by providing folding bikes and bike storage
  • provide access to training for bike maintenance and promote safe cycling

Please let us know of any suggestions or comments by emailing:

Facebook through Glenfarg Grapevine / Greener Glenfarg

So far 20 people have borrowed the e-bikes for 3 days or more and have been spotted out on rides for leisure, to get them up the hills, to keep up with family members, to get to work, to get to a pub -and back in one piece, and to try them out before splashing out on their own e-bike. Feedback includes:

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the use of the e-bike. I have been out a number of times including a 25 mile ride with my children- the e-bike made this enjoyable!!”

“Thank you for bringing this to Glenfarg!!”

“Great initiative for local residents who don’t want to purchase their own bike. I borrowed the Volt Pulse and cycled to Perth and home again for work. Hopefully people will support this and the scheme can expand to make e-bikes readily available”

“I have been out on both bikes and absolutely loved them. Just whizzing along and being able to do distances and hills really easily. Made cycling fun and if you haven’t tried an e-bike I’d definitely recommend giving one a go!”

In 2023/24 Glenfarg Community Transport Group has partnered with PAS to develop an Accessible and Sustainable Transport Plan.

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